The Best Apps for Math

Let’s all face it. Math isn’t exactly the most favored and anticipated subject for most students. Yet, with the immense amount of technology continuously growing and making enhancements, there are ways to bump up the “fun” in mathematics. From interactive textbooks to screencasting, Lake Forrest Prep is a private school in Orlando that supports the following apps for our students to succeed.



  • Operation Math: This mission-packed app turns your students into secret spies who have set missions as they travel the globe. Students are able to decide which operations they want to practice as they play the game. This is available on iOS for $2.99 and on Android for $1.99.

  • Sushi Monster: Provided by Scholastic, this app focuses on multiplication and addition problems. Students have to reach their goal number by selecting the correct factors and addends listen on different parts of sushi. Best of all, this is free for download for iOS users.

  • 10monkeys Multiplication: This animated app helps students engage in learning multiplication. To win the game, students must help set trapped monkeys free by answering the questions correctly. What’s neat about this app is that it’s separated into different times table and includes a reference chart for reviewing. This app is available to iOS users for $1.99 and is free for Android users.

  • Pet Bingo by Duck Duck Moose: Students will review addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division questions as they place their answers on a bingo board. The app is filled with visual and colorful models to help students better solve problems. This app is currently available to both iOS and Android users for $1.99.

  • YodelOh Math Mountain: Have your child enter a visual carnival game where he or she can practice and master all four operations of math. This will push your child to work quickly so that the yodeler won’t fall from the top of the mountain. This effective app can be purchased for $2.99 for iOS users and for $1.99 for Android users.



Tablets and smartphones aren’t always a distraction to students and can be effective educational tools to help your child advance their math levels. With new apps always being released, trying several apps out to see what best suits your child is a great way to help him or her succeed and view math in a more positive light. Lake Forrest Prep, a private school in Orlando, is here to help students of all ages triumph all subjects. For any questions, call us at 407-331-5144, or contact us online.

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