4 Ways to Get Your Children to Help with Dinner

Giving your child chores around the house can help to make him or her more well-rounded while providing them with real-life tools. By allowing your child to help prepare dinner, you are not only getting some great one-on-one time, you are helping him or her follow directions, plan meals, shop, and how to measure–all real-life things that he or she will need to learn. Additionally, cooking dinner can be seen as a fun science experiment and peak your child’s interest in STEM programs.

Here are some tips from Orlando private school, Lake Forrest Prep, to help you get your child involved with making dinner.

  • Menu Prep – Let your children have a say in what is being made for the week. Pinterest offers a lot of fun recipes, and your child can look through recipes that your entire family would like.
  • Shop Together – Not only does this offer up bonding time, but this can be a great way for some fun math and real life skills. Give your child a budget that he/she needs to work with for the groceries. This will teach him or her financial concepts as well as on-your-feet math skills to add up items in the cart to ensure there is enough money for everything needed for each meal.
  • Cook Together – Let your child cook with you. Show him or her how to wash vegetables, handle meats, and cook the food. It also gives you an opportunity to discuss kitchen safety and temperature differences.
  • Learn Together – We all want to think of ourselves as the perfect cooks for our children, but the fact is that we always have something to learn, even in the kitchen. Take this opportunity to learn with your child while teaching him or her. Brush up on your measurements, cooking methods, and vocabulary. It will be fun for both of you!

Working with your child and allowing him or her to help prepare dinner will give your child something to be proud of and promote self-confidence. At Orlando private school, Lake Forrest Prep, we believe in boosting our students well-being by offering up positive feedback and helping each child to improve.

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