5 Questions to Ask While Picking a Private School for Your Child

As a parent, choosing an Orlando private school for your child is a significant decision. In fact, this decision can impact your child more than any other decision that you could possibly make. That’s why, as a parent, you must do your due diligence when selecting a private school by asking the right type of questions. Lake Forrest Prep wants to share some of the most common questions asked by parents with our readers so that you can all be prepared when it comes time to make this all-important decision.

  • What type of activities and/or curriculum do you employ that will help develop my child’s emotional and interpersonal skills? There are private schools that will answer this question in a variety of ways because the very activity of attending school with peers can help to develop these skills. There could be other opportunities, whether they are in-class or after-school, in which these skills are taught. Lastly, some private schools will integrate specific practices throughout each day that help develop the emotional and interpersonal skills such as group projects.
  • What type of activities and/or curriculum do you employ that will teach my child how to be inclusive, how to be a leader and how to demonstrate teamwork? Many classroom curricula will include structured activities that allow children to play together. Often, these type of activities are closely monitored by the teacher and the teachers will intervene if there are any exclusionary actions.
  • What type of methods are employed to teach and encourage children to be kind and respectful towards their peers and others? Regular practices are employed in any classroom to encourage this type of behavior. In fact, many teachers will provide external rewards and recognition to foster behavior such as kindness, sharing, and respect. Verbal encouragement is also very common among teachers and administrators at Orlando private schools.
  • What type of impression do the teachers give off to both parents and students? It’s very important to parents that teachers are passionate, enthusiastic, and happy during the school day. This type of behavior can be reflected on their students and make them feel optimistic about learning. Many private schools take great pride in the teachers they hire and employ so that the best possible outcome is available for all students.
  • What type of physical activity do the children take part in throughout the day? The answer to this question will vary by school. Some schools provide recess outside only after lunch. Some schools will provide two recesses throughout the day- one after lunch and one during a snack time. Lastly, some schools require the students to perform morning exercises before class, along with the two additional recesses throughout the day.

If you’re interested in enrolling your child in our Orlando private school at Lake Forrest Prep, contact our admissions department to ask the questions that are pertinent to you. We are happy to provide a school tour, as well as answer any questions that you may have. The professionals at our Orlando private school understand that students perform better in school when a genuine relationship is shared between teachers, parents, and the administration. We have an open door policy here. You are welcome to share your ideas and thoughts with us or visit your child’s classroom at any time. Contact us today at 407-331-5144.

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