Summer Indoor Fun for the Kids (Part 2)

In the last blog, private school in Orlando discussed fun things you can do with your children during the summer, outside with water. Now, we move the fun indoors and offer suggestions that you can do to help alleviate the boredom associated with summertime.

Write a Book: Having your child create a little picture book is a treasure to keep forever and helps them keep up on their writing skills.

Read: It seems like a no-brainer, but going to the library and picking out books is always fun. When you have “reading time” together, it is a great bonding moment. You can even create a summer reading list and reward your child with treats every time they finish a book.


Make an Indoor Fort: Have your child help you build a fort out of sheets and blankets to sleep in for the night. Add a movie and popcorn for even more fun.

Indoor Picnic: Lay a blanket down on the floor and have your own special picnic indoors, complete with a basket of delicious food.

Puppet Show: Have your children build puppets out of socks and other materials found around the house. Then, tell them to act out a unique story using the puppets they created.


Paint Something: Finger paint, paint-by-numbers, whatever. Kids love to paint and would gladly create some adorable new decorations for the house.

Cardboard Fun: Gather some big cardboard boxes to make and decorate their own little house with.

PlayDoh: Always appropriate, with easy ways to create PlayDoh on your own. This no-mess toy will keep your children entertained for hours. You can even give them a little test by having them create different shapes.

Tea Party: Bring out fancy plates and cups to have a terrific tea party with your child.

We hope this second part of fun summer activities helps entertain you and your kids. Use a combination of indoor and outdoor activities to keep your child’s summer exciting. If you need more ideas on fun things to do with your children this summer, please browse private school in Orlando’s tips and tricks in our blog.

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