Summer Outdoor Fun for the Kids (Part 1)

Summertime can be a wonderful time for kids if it is full of fun things to do. However, it can also be a boring time for them if they have nothing to do. In this 2-part series, Lake Forrest Prep, a private school in Orlando, has some suggestions that you can do with your children outside with water so they can have a fun summer.

  • Jump Water: Challenge your children to keep their feet dry in this simple game using a garden hose. Run water from the hose and move it back and forth so your child can jump over it.
  • Liquid Limbo: Water offers a fun twist to limbo by using a solid stream of water from a garden hose to go under.
  • Backyard Bath: Change an ordinary bath with your child into a fun summer activity. Just fill up a kiddie pool with water and soap to get your child clean and add toys for extra enjoyment.
  • Ball Blast: Let your child use a hose to move different sized balls. Form a rope into a circle and place the balls inside of them. Create more of a challenge by setting up a time limit to get all of the balls out of the circle.
  • Balloon Babies: See if your child can keep a water balloon from popping by asking them to take care of it like a baby. Add a silly face to the balloon and a paper towel diaper for more fun.
  • Water-Gun Tag: Put your children in swimsuits and play this exciting variation of tag using a water gun. Whoever is “It” has to squirt everyone with the water gun to tag them.
  • Freeze: Melt ice and win a prize in this simple activity. Place different small toys and objects into an ice tray and freeze them. Allow your child to melt the ice in his or her hands to reveal their treasure.

These are all safe and easy ways to cure a child’s boredom in the summer time. Stay tuned for part 2 of our summer of fun describing indoor activities. For more ideas on fun things you can do with your child, browse private school in Orlando, Lake Forrest Prep’s suggestions in our blog.

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