How to Help Your Child Make Father’s Day a Great One

With Father’s Day right around the corner on June 21st, it’s time to start planning something special you can help your child with to thank him for all that he does. Orlando private school, Lake Forrest Prep, has complied a list of things to show dad your love and appreciation.

  • History: Sonora Louise Smart Dodd considered creating Father’s Day in 1909 to bring recognition to her father, William Smart. Sonora wanted Father’s Day to be closer to her dad’s birthday, which was the first Sunday in June. However, President Lyndon Johnson officially announced Father’s Day to take place on the third Sunday in June. It finally joined Mother’s Day 60 years later, and became a national holiday, thanks to President Richard Nixon in 1972.
  • Gift Ideas: Have your child do some of dad’s chores, such as picking weeds, or help clean his car. You can help your child make a picture collage, or compile a coupon book of things your child can do for him, such as help with the dishes, or mowing the lawn. Your child can also create a fun history lesson by learning about all of the fathers in the family and teaching dad about his heritage. Putting together old photos and making a scrapbook of events in dad’s life is a classic way to show him that you care. A new and more high-tech alternative to scrap-booking is gathering pictures from dad’s phone or camera to make a slide show on the computer. Be sure to make use of your child’s natural skills. If they enjoy the arts, have them repaint an old piece of furniture for their father. If they are more interested in technology, they can purchase a new video game to play with dad or compile a list of Father’s Day songs on a music player.

No matter what, your dad just wants to be with you this Father’s Day. So, the most special gift you can give him is your presence. For more Father’s Day facts and ideas to please dad, please visit Orlando private school, Lake Forrest Prep’s blog or call us at 407-331-5144.

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