Help Your Child Focus Their Thinking

Holding a conversation with a young child sometimes requires a balance of mental acuity and great deduction.  Within three sentences you may hear about dinosaurs, yesterday’s lunch, and their best friend.  Trying to figure out speech patterns when no segues exist is often so perplexing it requires in-depth questions and outright guesses.  If this conundrum sounds familiar, read on to learn how to better focus your child’s thinking, both at their Orlando school and at home.

First, creating predictable patterns in everyday life will assist in creating patterns within the constructs of the brain.  When a child realizes cause and effect, he/she will recognize patterns in learning and thinking.  Children oftentimes thrive on routine, and understanding one activity leads to another, such as eating follows washing hands, helps make sense of the world around them.

Once your child is ready to attend an Orlando school, realize that learning by rote memorization is indeed beneficial for building the specific synapses in the brain responsible for focusing thought processes.  Therefore, when your child is ready to learn multiplication tables, work on the skills needed to readily and rapidly memorize the answers.  Critical thinking is clearly tied to focused reasoning–teach your child to realize that one scenario may lead to several conclusions.  When a child instantly recognizes a conclusion to a problem, ask if another solution may be possible.  Thinking through another explanation opens the mind to possibilities a child may not immediately realize, simply because the original answer seemed plausible.  Another idea features looking for multiple points of view for each scenario, helping the child learn to think logically, and with empathy and compassion.

Critical thinking at home strengthens Orlando school performance.  Learning to analyze a scenario from diverse vantage points creates advanced writing skills, aids in complex mathematical equations, and is key in understanding the world.  At Lake Forrest Preparatory School, we champion parents who take an active participation in their child’s learning and education.  Lake Forrest Preparatory School was established in 1991 to provide the choice of an Orlando private school community to a broader population, and to create a community school where each child is safe and well educated. Here each parent is invited to partner in the education of his or her child(ren), and each child receives the opportunity to achieve his or her greatest potential.

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