Ways to Show Parents Are Partners in Education

Many parents do not realize the education of a child begins when a baby is brought home from the hospital.  As the infant develops, milestones are met as parents continue to teach their children.  When the child enters an Orlando school, however, parents often believe their role as educator ends as the role of their child’s preschool or school teacher escalates.  It has been proven, though, that parents who are more involved in the education of their children will note a substantial increase in their children’s overall learning achievements.  This does not necessarily mean that parents should use flash cards at home to boost math skills; instead, ask your child why a half gallon of milk a week is not a good choice if you have four people in your family who eat cereal every morning.  Critical thinking skills are extremely important to aid your child in advancing in every subject.

Parents can also be involved in their child’s education in other manners, such as by keeping an open line of communication with their child’s teacher.  By reaching out to the Orlando school classroom teacher at the beginning of the year, parents can establish a relationship not based on grades or conduct.  Working with your child’s teacher will make it easier for the teacher to understand if school behaviors match home behaviors, and if something occurring at home may be influencing performance at school.  Likewise, speaking openly to your child is beneficial in his or her learning process.  Ask open-ended questions, requiring lengthier answers than a simple “yes” or “no.” and draw your child into a conversation he or she may believe is too advanced.  By leaving their comfort zone, children will learn to think “outside the box” and increase their use of vocabulary.

Parents are also encouraged to assist their children with homework.  At times, concepts are not thoroughly comprehended when explained by a teacher, and a parent’s explanation may clarify what is not understood.  Open communication with your child will allay any stress your child has in coming to you with a question.

Comprehension needs to be stressed above grades; as a parent, do not give answers.  Instead, help your child discover the answers.  If the answers are still difficult to realize, work with your child’s teacher to integrate your child’s school curriculum into his or her home life.  Remember that your child learns with errors; try to maintain a distance when your child is attempting a new task so he or she is able to advance.  When parents constantly intercede at the first sign of their child’s failure, the child will not learn to succeed.

The ultimate education your child can receive includes learning at home as well as their Orlando school.  Feel free to contact us at Lake Forrest Preparatory School to discuss how you can better assist in your child’s education.

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