Should You Send Your Child to Private School?

In a country where public education is free, many parents find it difficult to recognize the benefits in enrolling their children in Orange County private schools, especially in today’s economy.  Researching your options to make an informed decision is important, and understanding what a private school can offer will give a clear indication as to how an initial expenditure in your child’s education is a worthwhile investment in his or her entire future.

How does a private school’s approach to teaching and learning differ from a public school’s?  Below are only a few of the many reasons private schools are a great choice for educating your child.

  • Personalized Attention: Class sizes in Orange County private schools are considerably smaller, which gives a more balanced teacher/student ratio.  With more individualized attention, students are more apt to ask specific questions for clarification of material, which leads to better understanding of course material and less stress on students.

  • Parent-Faculty Partnership: Parents are considered partners in the education of each private school student.  Parents, teachers, counselors, and administrators work together to ensure the curriculum matches each child’s needs.  Along with individualized learning strategies, extracurricular activities are another area where parents are encouraged to assist and cheer on their child.

  • Student-Specific Learning: Rather than “teaching to the test,” which is a familiar concept for today’s public schools, Orange County private schools tailor curricula to each child’s learning capabilities.  Because many children have strengths in one area and weaknesses in another, this student-specific learning will approach subjects in a manner that intensifies the learning process, strengthening lower-than-average understanding while building onto well-versed areas.

  • Holistic Education: The emphasis of private schools is not strictly scholastic:  programs are organized with a balance of academics, sports, and extracurricular activities to give your child a more rounded education.  Participating in sports builds teamwork, and learning in a museum field trip supports life learning.  These are only two factors of many that benefit a child in his or her journey of education.

If the above qualities are appealing to the education you desire for you child, consider sending them to a private school. To find more answers to your questions pertaining to Orange County private schools, please visit Lake Forrest Preparatory School’s website at

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