How Do You Know Your Child is Ready for Kindergarten?

Parenthood is a road paved with milestones, and the start of school is a tremendous stepping-stone in a child’s life.  For many, it will be the first time away from home for an extended period of time.  For all, it is a move toward independence.  How can you tell whether your child is prepared for kindergarten at an Orlando school?

First, you must understand each child’s capabilities.  While age is a factor, judging readiness by physical age is not as imperative as realizing the mental readiness of your child.  Evaluating your child holistically rather than basing your assumptions on achievements in reading, word comprehension, social skills, and following instructions will give a more realistic view of readiness.  An important cognitive factor is self-regulation.  When a child is able to assess a personal problem and find a solution without any outside assistance, such as asking to use the restroom when the need arises, his or her self-regulation is evident.  Take time to note how easily and quickly your preschooler is able to move from one activity to another.  Does an abrupt change occur seamlessly or does it bring on a spate of tears and belligerence?  These factors of engagement also have a bearing on readiness for a formal Orlando school setting.

Even children who are mentally prepared for attending kindergarten at an Orlando school may not be physically ready because of external factors, such as their sleep patterns or stress levels.  To aid in increased concentration level, ensure your child has adequate sleep and good sleep patterns before the school year begins.  Another factor that requires consideration is stress.  Some children accept stress more easily than others; use your own positive stress responses to teach your child to better accept stressful situations.  Again, even when a child is the correct age to begin school, their development may not be sufficient to attend kindergarten.  If this is a situation you are facing with your child, understand that a child’s individual developmental schedule cannot be forced.  Also realize that your child’s progress cannot be measured against siblings or peers; development is completely individualized.

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