Higher Teacher Satisfaction in Private Schools is Good for Student Achievement

I had the distinct pleasure of attending Disney’s MGM Studios (now Hollywood Studios) opening week in 1989.  It was incredible how excited the actors were at each exhibit, and it increased the enjoyment level of all members of my family.  Their enthusiasm was contagious, and I could not wait to return.

As this example proves, enthusiastic employees tend to affect their organization and clients significantly–teachers are no exception. Data from the National Center for Educational Statistics have shown that private preparatory school teachers are significantly happier in their careers than teachers working in public schools.  Nearly 90% of the private school educators who were surveyed responded, “Teachers at this school like being here; I would describe us as a satisfied group.”  Compare this to the 75% of public school educators that agreed, and you may begin to see the divide between the groups.  Private preparatory school educators were more satisfied than their public school counterparts on how their schools were operated and were proud to be identified with their schools as well.

This satisfaction is also connected to interactions with parents.  Teachers at private preparatory schools reported a great deal of positive interactions with and support from their students’ parents. Overall, private school teachers exude and share this happiness with their students.  As a matter of fact, researcher N.P. Ololube, a researcher at the University of Helsinki reports that teacher job satisfaction is just as important as professional development, technology, and resources in promoting student achievement and performance.

While personal contentment is often the main component of professional job satisfaction, external factors also play a major role.  For instance, support from administrators, acknowledgement of positive job performance, and supportive interactions with parents also boosted job satisfaction.

The educators at Lake Forrest Preparatory School love their job, their school and most importantly, their students.  Their dedication to ensuring the growth and educational development of all their students shows in student performance and happiness.  Learn more about our goals at https://www.lakeforrestprep.com/.

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