Private School Students are Prepared for Higher Education

When parents decide to place their children in an Orlando private school for elementary education, their first thought does not generally concern whether their child will complete an advanced university degree.  However, recent research has shown a strong correlation between private school education and attendance at a college and/or university along with completion of a bachelor’s degree or higher at an accredited school.  These students are also more likely to finish their degrees while still in their early to mid-twenties rather than leaving school for a number of years before returning to complete their post-secondary education.

Why, though, would students in Orlando private schools tend to earn more degrees more quickly?  A large portion of that answer rests in the curriculum of private schools, which is more likely to offer, and often require, advanced courses to their students.  Middle and high school students in private school settings are frequently presented with specific courses that eventually lead to more advanced post-secondary courses. Elementary students, on the other hand, frequently do not have this opportunity; instead, their course material is fashioned to give them a deeper understanding of each subject to fulfill the more advanced courses they will see in their future education in secondary preparatory schools.  Elementary students are blessed with unbounded curiosity to learn and explore.  By enhancing this natural ability with lesson plans that reach all learning capabilities, private schooled students build confidence in themselves and their work.

Success in college begins in the very early years of education, and educational foundations formed in Orlando private schools tend to evolve into the ability to tackle much more stringent courses in college and beyond.  While public schools view academics as a goal, private schools across the nation place academic excellence as a high priority.  Give your child the academic capacity to flourish in any scholastic endeavor with a solid education at Lake Forrest Preparatory School.  Visit our website at

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