Parental Involvement Positively Impacts Student Achievement

Education begins at home.  You have undoubtedly heard this phrase repeatedly throughout life, and it rings true on every note.  Once your child reaches school age, your involvement in his or her Orlando private school life will highly influence academic success in the future.  Recently, the University of New Hampshire researched the role parents play in the involvement of their children’s education.  The results placed a monetary amount on parental worth of $1,000 per each student in a classroom.  While this does not seem to be much, the difference of $20,000-$25,000 per classroom that parents are contributing to the overall strength of education is nothing short of incredible.

Imagine the resources Orlando private schools would be forced to procure if parents were not actively involved in their children’s academics:  parents ensure students wake up on time, eat breakfast, have their homework ready to turn in, pack lunches, and often drive or walk their children to school or wait at the bus stop with them.  And that only covers what ensues at the beginning of the day!  Between academic team meets, sports venues, study groups, class field trips, PTA events, volunteering in classrooms, and open houses, parents are able to work hand in hand with their children’s teachers to ensure the best possible academic results for their children.

How does all this parental involvement affect students?  With parents nudging their children to eat healthy meals and sleep consistently, students are ready to learn.  When parents look over homework and offer suggestions on how to improve their approach to learning, their children learn in a comforting atmosphere and their grades and test scores improve.  Parents who drive or walk their children to school or assist them in walking to the bus stop on time improve regular class attendance.  Most importantly, simply listening to your child and conversing with him or her enhances social skills and adaptation.

Parent participation is not a one-way street, however.  Orlando private schools that involve parents via notes sent home or online, book clubs, PTA partnership, extracurricular activities, and field trips, report a stronger bond between parents, children, and teachers.  Many of these beneficial activities, and more are available at Lake Forrest Preparatory School.  Our facility promotes a number of beneficial programs that promote community and parental activity.  Contact us today for more details; we look forward to partnering with you to improve your students’ educational achievement.

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