More Parents are Satisfied With Private School Education

Making decisions is often a cumbersome and time-consuming task, but the fulfillment of a goal and realization of progress outweighs the initial step.  When parents resolve to place their child in a private school in Orlando, it is not often an easy task.  The benefits, however, are remarkable both in the parents’ approach to education and the child’s aptitude at school.  This satisfaction was noted in a recent study completed by the National Center for Education Statistics, which compiled and examined data from the National Household Education Surveys of 2012.  The statistics showed that 82% of parents who chose to enroll their children in non-denominational private schools were “very satisfied” compared with 56% of parents whose children attend government-selected public schools.

Parents of students in private schools in Orlando also reported a higher level of satisfaction with their children’s teachers and the schools’ academic standards than parents of students attending public schools.  The amount of homework was another measure the study researched, and 81% of private school parents reported homework amounts were “about right”, while only 76-77% of public school parents agree with their children’s homework load.

Order (also referred to as classroom management) and discipline were rated significantly higher at private schools, as was the level of communication between teachers and parents.  With 78% of parents reporting that they were very satisfied with their interactions with private school teachers, fewer than half (49%) of public school parents felt that standard was met.  The role of primary educator is not an easy task for parents, and an open line of communication between parents and teachers is essential in sharing information, achievements, and progress throughout the school year.  Communication may be in the form of a phone call, email, notes sent home, face-to-face meetings, or even text messages.

Knowing these statistics beforehand heightens one’s awareness of the positive influences private schools have on their students.  For more information on how Lake Forrest Preparatory School, a top-rated private school in Orlando, can help your child succeed, contact us today.

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