Public School Teachers Send Their Children to Private Schools

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to know before your child enrolled in an Orlando school whether that school was preferred by people who know it best?  Looking at survey results from the 2000 Census may be daunting, so researchers in a 2004 study by the Fordham Institute compiled it in a much more straightforward, easy to read format.  The Fordham Institute study proved that urban public school educators, including those teaching at Orlando schools, were twice as likely to send their children to private schools as city residents were.  Denis P. Doyle, who led the investigation, added that 12.2% of parents in the United States send their children to private schools while 21.5% of urban public school teachers reported their children attended private school.


It stands to reason that the discrepancy in educators sending their children to private schools versus the general public’s rate of children learning in private schools escalates when related to America’s most troubled educational cities – New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles.  In these areas, private schools are attended more frequently overall, with Chicago showing one of the largest percentages of attendance for the general public at 22.6%.  Teachers in the Chicago area, however, are much more likely to enroll their children in private education with their numbers skyrocketing to 38.7%.


Mr. Doyle continued, stating the findings “are apt to be embarrassing for teacher unions, considering those organizations’ political animus toward assisting families to select among schools.  But these results do not surprise most practicing teachers to whom we speak.”  Studies from 2013 show similar results, and the percentages were sustained decades before the 2004 survey:  “The data have shown the same basic pattern since we first happened upon them two decades ago: Urban public school teachers are more apt to send their own children to private schools than is the general public. One might say this shows how conservative teachers are. They continue doing what they’ve always done. Or it might indicate that they have long been discerning connoisseurs of education…”


Joining the “discerning connoisseurs of education” may be the key to unlocking the potential in your child.  Contact Lake Forrest Preparatory School, a high-quality Orlando school, to learn more about our individualized learning environment.  We look forward to educating your child.

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