Benefits of a Private School Education

Most of today’s parents were given a public education while they were attending primary and secondary school.  For this reason, it is rather difficult for them to comprehend the need for an Orlando private school education for their own children.  However, the world today has changed significantly, even within the last decade, and the need for a superior education is tantamount.  Their question is why is education better in a private school than in a public school?  Following is a short list of a few of the more important answers to this critical question.


  • Standardized test scores for students attending private schools are higher than the test scores of their public-schooled peers.


  • Students attending an Orlando private school complete a greater number of advanced-level courses than public school students.


  • Looking at 8th grade reading statistics, private school students are more adept at reading with percentages far exceeding public school reading levels across the board.


  • Students in private schools have the skills and acumen to be better prepared to learn new material.


  • Graduation requirements in private schools are stricter, which better prepares students for college and beyond.  Surprisingly, giving students a higher achievement goal will cause them to try harder. At an Orlando private school, educators and administrators are able to monitor each student’s individual learning levels to understand that goal and set the bar slightly higher for each child to strive toward, giving them a goal they can accomplish before moving to the next higher goal.


  • Students with a background of private school education are more likely to earn a Bachelor of Science degree and above by the time they reach their mid-20s.


  • 88% of private school students apply for college – a drastic increase over the average of 57% college application rate for public school students.


Needless to say, an education from an Orlando private school enhances the abilities each child possesses to assist in reaching his or her full potential.   Contact Lake Forrest Preparatory School today to find how we can empower your child to reach his or her full potential.


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