Why a Private School Education is an Investment Instead of a Sacrifice

Today’s economy has changed the appearance of the average classroom. With fewer resources and less money to spend on education due to recent cutbacks, parents are concerned if their children are receiving the best education possible. A 2009 GreatSchools and Harris Interactive poll reports that approximately 25% of adults with children are seriously considering a drastic change to ensure their children are meeting educational as well as personal goals: they are looking toward America’s private preparatory schools.

The educators at most preparatory schools work with you and your child – or children – to find their perfect educational path. Sometimes this involves financial assistance or answering questions concerning tuition costs. Many parents find that tuition costs are daunting, especially when comparing any tuition cost with what is charged for public school. After hours, days, or even months of paying, reviewing the costs associated with preparatory schools, and paying even more, many parents decide that the peace of mind they will receive knowing their child(ren)’s educational future is the best possible far exceeds any financial obligations. A solid education allows competency for each student now and in the future. The knowledge gained in an interactive setting where each learner is stimulated to learn – not simply memorize – will give every child a competitive edge when applying for college, within the world of commerce, and in life in general.

Once the decision to differentiate education for any child is decided, parents should determine the type of school their child will attend and whether qualifications for financial assistance or a scholarship program are merited. Lake Forrest Preparatory School, a top choice among the preparatory schools in Orlando, is prepared to answer those questions for you. Contact us today to see how we can help your child learn and thrive.

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