The Step Up for Students Scholarship

Lake Forrest Preparatory School is proud to partner with the Step Up for Students scholarship program.  This generous program allows children from low-income households the option of attending an Orlando private school.  Developed by the Florida legislature in 2001, the Step Up for Students program assures that children living in or near the poverty level have learning options they may not have realized in the past, thereby overcoming many educational barriers that stem from economically disadvantaged situations.


Not only does Step Up for Students award monetary scholarships for Orlando private school tuition, they are also partnered with several organizations that offer parental support, such as Florida Impact, Read Conmigo, Second Harvest, et cetera.  For a complete listing of parent support organizations, please visit  The Step Up for Students program is first come, first serve; if your child participated in a Step Up for Students scholarship last year, you are able to renew the scholarship at this time.  For new subscribers, applications are accepted at the beginning of February.


Keep in mind that the Step Up for Students scholarship is not based on academics; it is based on financial need.  Your child may not be reaching his or her educational goals simply because the setting and the student do not match.  By attending a school that meets the needs of your child, his or her abilities may shine forth. An  Orlando private school may fit this role more easily than a public school. Also, if your child had a Step Up for Students scholarship in the past at a partner school, the scholarship is still valid if and when the location changes.

Lake Forrest Preparatory School is an educational partner with Step Up for Students, and we believe in equal educational opportunities for all students as well as the advantages of an Orlando private school education.  Please visit to apply online, or call Step Up for Students at 1-(800)-735-7837.

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