Choosing a Private Preschool

All parents want the very best for their children in every aspect of their lives.  In today’s fast-paced society, however,  it is often impossible for parents to stay at home with their children to educate them and teach them the life skills they need as they develop.  For this reason, preparing for kindergarten and beyond is better left to trained educators at an Orlando private school who understand how children learn at each stage of development.


Looking through your local phone book for a quality Orlando private school with a preschool program is often intimidating.  Prices may range from that of a well-intentioned neighbor who charges low fees to a one-on-one private tutor.   Also, many local school districts offer preschool programs, but some have requirements to be met before enrolling. For instance, the free preschool program offered within your school district may be open only to students who require unique services so they can be better prepared for kindergarten.  Individuals offering child care can range in professionalism from a former teacher with a degree in education to a teenager trying to make ends meet.  How do you know where to start and which to choose?


The answer may be easier than you think.  An Orlando private school program, such as Lake Forrest Preparatory School’s Pre-K4 Program, will provide qualified teachers, structured lesson plans, a plethora of exploratory materials and equipment for concrete understanding of concepts, and accelerated curriculum to prepare each child for the challenges of Kindergarten and beyond.  Our Pre-K4 Program focuses on language and social development through extensive personal experiences tailored to meet the academic needs of your preschooler.  Giving your child the advantage of preschool will better prepare him or her for Kindergarten.  Enrolling your child in the Lake Forrest Preparatory Pre-K Program will stimulate his or her eagerness to learn, which will result in a more thorough knowledge of concepts presented in school years to come.  Please contact us for more information; we look forward to meeting you and your preschooler!


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