Parenting a Gifted Child

It seems the focus of many recent Orlando private school– and education-related news broadcasts is the “No Child Left Behind” concept, where children who are not performing to a standard level are given additional resources above and beyond those given to children of average learning abilities.  Likewise, teaching resources are geared toward developing curricula to assist those not grasping basic concepts. However, a class of students seems to have been overlooked:  students working above grade level.  How can those students’ needs be addressed?


In many Orlando private schools, gifted and advanced students may be given supplemental tasks when lessons are completed, but not encouraged once their initial work is turned in to their teachers.  This environment does little to bolster the intellectual abilities of gifted learners. Every child deserves to be challenged and encouraged to succeed to the best of his or her own abilities.


Another often overlooked factor to be aware of with your gifted child is the social aspect of his or her life.  Ensure your child is involved in stimulating extracurricular activities that engage the mind as well as the body, and support your child’s learning through resources available at Orlando private schools, as well as speaking with parents who also have gifted children.  Sharing your educational ideas with others and learning from them will develop a close bond among parents as well as children.  This learning community will reinforce many topics discussed at school and aid in socialization skills for your children – a win-win situation!

At Lake Forrest Preparatory School, we focus on your child’s learning capacity and plan an individual learning program for him or her.  Our resources and educational plans will stimulate your child’s learning and imagination at any level.  Feel free to contact one of our Orlando private school administrators regarding the special needs of your child; Lake Forrest Prep is excited to tailor an educational curriculum for your child.   We truly look forward to hearing from you.

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