How to Maximize Your Parent-Teacher Conference

Many parents anticipate parent-teacher conferences because they know their child’s teacher will effuse about what a talented, polite, confident, and caring person their child is.  Sometimes, however, the persona their child displays at home does not typify what is recognized at school.  It is important for Orlando private school parents to realize that the information their child explains to them daily may not match what the teacher tells them at the parent-teacher conference. Every story has two sides; please do not be offended if your child’s teacher has a different impression of your child than you do.

Parent-teacher conferences are usually limited in time; every minute must be used wisely. Before the conference, write down any concerns or ideas you have that may assist your child’s teacher. For me, my daughter had difficulty paying attention at home.  When I asked her teacher how she behaved in the classroom, it was obvious her teacher suddenly realized that the home behavior matched the school behavior although she had not recognized it until it was mentioned.  We decided to place my daughter near the front of the classroom and ensured that her teacher walked by occasionally.  My daughter’s grades and attention span both increased because of this one comment.

The parent-teacher conference should not be the only opportunity you ask your child about school.  Keep an open line of communication with your child, your child’s teacher, and anyone else at Lake Forrest Preparatory School you believe can assist in the education of your child.  It may be advantageous to communicate more regularly via email or telephone conversations with your child’s teacher to keep apprised of the progress your child is making in school.  At home, inform your child about the outcome of the conference and apprise him or her about any changes to expect in school or in home study habits.  Working as a team, your child can receive the best education possible.

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