How to Uncover Your Child’s Learning Style

When my children were born, I expected them to all perform and act in the same manner since they had the same basic DNA.  It only seemed logical.  To my astonishment, their learning styles differed drastically.  By trial and error, I learned my oldest learned best by doing (a kinesthetic learner), my middle child learned best by watching (visual learning), and my youngest picked up information from every venue although she truly loved learning through music (auditory/mixed).

Our Orlando private school, Lake Forrest Preparatory, strives to identify your child’s talents and learning style to determine the proper methodology for teaching. Determining your child’s learning style is not difficult when given the proper guidelines, and once the style is indicated, teaching and learning become increasingly easier.  Your child can excel even in an environment where the teaching style does not match the learning style once learning via another method is better understood and practiced.

In the personal example given above, my children were different ages.  What happens when a teacher has an entire class of students with varied learning styles?  Will some children fall through the cracks?  How is it possible to teach so everyone learns effectively?

At Lake Forrest Preparatory School, our teachers use a variety of teaching approaches to reach all learning styles and differentiate lessons to ensure every child’s unique learning modality is met.   Lessons may include listening to the teacher as he or she explains the lesson’s concepts to grab the attention of the auditory learners, watching a short video and reading a passage to entice visual learners, and arranging geometric shapes or using manipulatives for the kinesthetic learners. When every child is engaged, learning becomes more intriguing, and positive results increase dramatically.

Learn more about your child’s individual learning style by contacting our Orlando private school today.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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