The Importance of Art in Child Development

In recent years, many Orlando private schools have started altering their curriculum to phase out classes such as art and music and focus more heavily on core classes such as math and reading. While some may think that art class is simply a wasted hour of directed arts and crafts, it has been proven that many of the activities children perform in art class aid them in their development.

During the seemingly simple activities involved in an art classes, children are given the chance to develop their motor and language skills. Learning how to correctly hold a paint brush or doodling with a crayon on a piece of construction paper happens to be essential in developing fine motor skills. Learning to properly use safety scissors also helps children develop the dexterity needed in learning to write. The process of making and then talking about art allows children a chance learn about colors and shapes. The fun environment of an art class disguises the teaching and turns it into something more relaxing and fun that children are receptive to. It also provides older children the chance to think critically and verbalize how seeing a piece of art may make them feel or what they think of it.

Art classes also provide children with an outlet for their creativity. It fosters and encourages them to use their imaginations while creating their pieces.  This is not only fun for them, but it also provides a way to promote their critical thinking skills as they decide what and how to create. This encouraged inventiveness only helps children as they grow into adults. Inventiveness and creativity are invaluable skills for children to possess once they grow up and enter the job market.  Not only that, but there is also a proven link between  participating in the arts and high academic achievement in students.

These are only a few of the many benefits art classes provide to students. Here at Lake Forrest Prep, we are committed to providing our students with a well-rounded and full education in both academics and the arts. To learn more about our Orlando private school curriculum, contact us today at 407-331-5144.


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