Benefits of a School Uniform

Although there are many debates pertaining to the necessity of school uniforms in Orlando private schools and private schools around the country, many benefits have been identified.

The simplest benefit may be the fact that the student and parent both benefit from not having to debate about what will be worn to school that day. Mornings are busy enough, especially if multiple children need to be packed and readied for school. With a uniform, what to wear to school is one less thing to have to worry about.

An additional benefit is the sense of community it brings to a school. With everyone wearing slight variations of the same uniform, everyone is included in one cohesive group. This also eliminates the chance for bullying based on what the student is wearing. Often times, in schools without a uniform requirement, students are bullied for not wearing or not being able to afford “cool” clothing. Teachers report that they also spend less time having to enforce a dress code, allowing them to spend more time instructing their classes.

It has also been shown that students in uniforms are generally more focused and well behaved compared to those without them. Much like some adults when they dress in their uniform for work, it puts them in “school-mode” and in the right frame of mind for learning.

Another benefit, and perhaps the most important, is the added advantage in regards to safety. With everyone wearing the same thing, a stranger would immediately stick out. This allows teachers and staff to identify possible threats immediately and respond with the appropriate action swiftly and effectively.

Our Lake Forrest Preparatory students wear their uniforms with pride! To know more or if you have questions regarding our uniforms or learn more about our Orlando private school, please call us today at 407-331-5144.


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