What to Look for When Deciding on a Pre-School

As a parent, picking the right school for your child to attend can be a daunting, overwhelming task. The same applies when deciding on an Orlando pre-school. While the pre-school you choose should be a fun and engaging place for your child to spend the day playing, it is also their first introduction to learning in a class environment. It is essential that this introduction be a positive and smooth transition for both the child and the parent.

When deciding on the right school, be sure to look over the program curriculum and inquire what the day-to-day activities usually include. Planned activities and routines provide structure that is essential in those early years and the planned activities ensure your child will be engaged and learning through fun. This should also ensure that the children aren’t simply left to their own devices the whole day without being entertained or educationally stimulated. Some good activities that their daily schedules should consist of include outdoor play and hands on experience and exploration.

The educational curriculum for the Orlando pre-school should also indicate that flexibility for every learning level. No child should be penalized academically due to being ahead or perhaps needing a little extra help to learn. It is important that teachers have the ability to provide one-on-one and group instruction. The one-on-one instruction is valuable in ensuring that every child succeeds in understanding the lesson. Working in groups allows for social interaction and also gives children a glimpse at what the structure is like in a traditional classroom.

Wherever you decide, it is most important that you and your child feel comfortable with the decision. To learn more about Orlando Pre-School programs at Lake Forrest Prep, contact us today at 407-331-5144. We invite all parents to be a partner in their child’s education and to help each child achieve his or her greatest potential!

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