Why Lake Forrest Prep Uses SAT-10 Testing?

Lake Forrest Prep administrators choose to use the SAT-10 Test for achievement testing at the elementary and middle school levels.  The Orlando private school only uses the most updated version of the test which allows their students test scores to be compared to their peers at other schools around the country.

By testing the achievement of students against other students on a national level, Lake Forrest Prep is able to gauge the success of their curriculum, staff and students on a nationwide standard versus the standard provided by Florida alone.  The SAT-10 has been
a benchmark of excellence in achievement testing for more than 80 years in the United States.

This series of tests, performed annually in each grade level from kindergarten to middle school at Lake Forrest Prep, is administered to test academic knowledge of elementary and secondary students.  The staff at Lake Forrest Prep use students’ scores to evaluate students’ strengths and needs, the effectiveness of their lesson plans and the individual student’s progress.  Individual student’s test scores are examined at the end of the year during individual parent-teacher conferences.

Orlando private school, Lake Forrest Prep does not put pressure on the students or staff for exceptional test scores throughout the school year.  Instead, the teachers are presented with a strategically-designed curriculum to implement throughout the year.  With an effective curriculum and exceptional teachers, the students perform to their highest potential on the test.

Lake Forrest Prep is an Orlando private school, established in 1991 with the purpose of being available to a broader population.  If you would like to find out more information about our curriculum or schedule a visit, call 407-331-5144.


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