Factors to Consider When Choosing a Private School

Are you looking for an alternative to public school? Maybe you aren’t happy with the academic environment given in public school or maybe your student needs more personalized attention. Private and/or preparatory schools can offer your student a high quality academic environment, along with individualized attention and ample amount of social interaction.

As a parent, it is important to make sure that you are placing your student in an environment that will suitable for their learning needs. Not all students learn in the same manner, and you should find an Orlando private school that can adapt to your child’s learning abilities.

As you visit and interview each private school, here is a list of factors that you should consider when choosing the school that is right for you and your family:

  • Practical Requirements – How far is the school from your home and what is the travel time? Will there be a need for before or after school care and does the private school offer educational care options. Does the school fit into the financial budget of you and your family? Finally, you should know if your child has any physical, emotional, linguistic or learning needs that require special attention. Ask the private school what type of programs they offer for your student and if they have curriculum available for you to review.

  • Desired Requirements – Does your child need a small school environment or large schools environment. Do you want a private school with several grade levels where your child can remain at the school for several years? Also, how does the school communicate to the parents? Ask for parents resources and how each parent can access them.

  • Extracurricular Requirements – Do they extracurricular programs and activities available to your child such as art, music and sports. What are the costs associated with these activities and do they have a schedule that you can view.

At Lake Forrest Preparatory School, an Orlando private school, our mission is that each child reaches his or her greatest potential as a responsible, productive and capable individual. If you are looking for an academically challenging environment for your child, then contact us today at 407-331-5144. We are happy to sit down with you and discuss your child’s needs, as well as provide you with a tour of our beautiful campus.


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