10 Ideas for Staying Cool this Summer

10 Ideas for Staying Cool this Summer

Summer in Orlando and Central Florida is synonymous with fun, sun, and soaring temperatures. You’re likely headed to pool parties, theme parks, or more to soak up the sun! For parents of students at Lake Forrest Prep, keeping kids cool and safe during these hot months is a top priority. Here are ten ideas to help your family stay cool, safe, and entertained this summer.

1. Enjoy Water Play

Whether it’s a pool, splash pad, or water balloons in the backyard, water activities are a fantastic way to beat the heat. Supervise young children closely and ensure everyone wears sunscreen. Local public pools and water parks often have designated areas for younger children, making them a great, safe option. Check your local area listings for public pool availability, as these can often require additional registrations with the city for usage!

2. Create an Indoor Obstacle Course

Who doesn’t love a good game of “The Floor is Lava”? When it’s too hot to play outside, bring the fun indoors. Use pillows, chairs, and other household items to set up a safe obstacle course in your living room. (Obviously, keep breakable items off limits.) This activity keeps kids active and cool while encouraging creativity and physical fitness!

3. Visit Air-Conditioned Attractions

Take advantage of Central Florida’s numerous indoor attractions. Museums like the Orlando Science Center, kid-friendly escape rooms, and the area’s indoor play centers offer a cool retreat from the heat and provide educational and entertaining experiences for children of all ages.

4. Make Homemade Popsicles

Get creative in the kitchen and make your own popsicles. Use fresh fruit, yogurt, and juice to create healthy and delicious treats. This is a fun and refreshing way to involve your kids in the kitchen while providing a cool snack.

5. Explore Local Libraries

Libraries are a treasure trove of summer activities. Many offer summer reading programs, storytelling sessions, and craft workshops. Spending time in the cool, quiet environment of a library is a perfect way to beat the heat and encourage a love for reading!

6. Have a Movie Marathon

Set up a cozy movie marathon at home with your kids’ favorite films. Draw the curtains, grab some popcorn, and enjoy a cool, relaxing day indoors. This can be a fun bonding experience and a great way to unwind. Plus, you can make them educational by pairing them up with a book series your child loves!

7. Engage in Cool Crafts

Crafting can be a wonderful indoor activity. From making ice cube paintings to creating beach-themed crafts, there are endless possibilities. These activities keep kids entertained and allow them to express their creativity in a cool environment.

8. Plan Early Morning or Evening Outings

To avoid the peak heat of the day, plan outdoor activities for early mornings or evenings. Parks, nature trails, and playgrounds are less crowded and cooler during these times, making it safer and more enjoyable for children to play outside.

9. Set Up a Backyard Tent

Pitch a tent in your backyard for an exciting, shaded play area. Kids can enjoy the feeling of camping while staying protected from the sun. Fill the tent with books, toys, and snacks for a perfect summer day retreat.

10. Host an Indoor Picnic

When it’s too hot for a traditional picnic, move it indoors! Spread out a blanket in your living room, pack a basket with your favorite picnic foods, and enjoy a cool, comfortable meal with your family. This can be a fun twist on a classic summer activity.

Staying cool in Central Florida’s summer heat doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fun. By incorporating these ideas, parents at Lake Forrest Prep can ensure their children have a safe, enjoyable, and memorable summer. Keep cool, stay hydrated, and enjoy all the fun that summer has to offer!