Springtime Activities for the Whole Family

Springtime Activities for the Whole Family

Spring is a wonderful season to engage children in fun and exciting activities that promote physical, social, and emotional well-being. Here are some springtime activities for kids of all ages:

Planting a garden

This is a classic spring activity and a great way to teach your child about the value of caring for another living thing. Planting a garden teaches children about nature, responsibility, and patience. Start with planting flowers, vegetables, or herbs. If you start an herb or vegetable garden together, your children get the added bonus of seeing the plants they helped produce become part of your family meals! 

Going on a nature walk

Spring is a beautiful time to go on a nature walk with your children. Any walk can be a nature walk! You can explore a local park, trail, or nature reserve, and talk to your children about the different plants, animals, and insects you see.

Painting with flowers

Collect a variety of flowers, petals, and leaves, and use them as paintbrushes to create beautiful springtime artwork. You can also use them as stencils or stamps and have your children use nature’s shapes to create new designs. 

Making bird feeders

This is a classic springtime activity! Making bird feeders is a fun and educational activity that teaches children about birds and their habitats. You can use pine cones, peanut butter, and birdseed to create unique bird feeders. If you want something more lasting (or if you have older children), invest in a birdfeeder for your backyard and explain the different types of bird seed to them. Talk about birds native to the area and ask them which ones they’d like to feed!

Having a picnic

Enjoy the beautiful spring weather by having a picnic with your family. You can pack sandwiches, fruits, and snacks, and have fun playing games, singing songs, or reading stories.

Going on a scavenger hunt

Create a scavenger hunt with items that are unique to spring, such as blooming flowers, baby animals, or rainbows. This is a great activity to use if you want to sneak some education into your kids’ fun! Including items that teach children about nature, science, or geography allow kids to tap into what they’ve learned during the school year in a subtle way. 

Flying kites

In the words of Mary Poppins, “let’s go fly a kite!” Flying kites is a classic springtime activity that is fun for children of all ages. You can purchase a kite or make your own with materials such as paper, string, and sticks. There are also kits for pre-made kites that still allow children the freedom to paint or color them!

Making spring-themed crafts

There are many spring-themed crafts that children can make, such as paper flowers, butterflies, or bees. You can use materials such as construction paper, tissue paper, or pom-poms.

Biking or hiking

Spring is a great time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. You can go biking or hiking with your children and explore new trails or parks. Central Florida has tons of walking trails and paths to explore; Florida Trail Association is a great resource for anyone looking to plan a day hike with their kids!

Having a water balloon or bubble party

Florida “spring” can be a bit of a misnomer with the heat and humidity. Water activities are a fun way to cool down and have fun. You can have a water balloon or bubble party in your backyard and enjoy some laughs and giggles with your children. 

Spring offers many opportunities for children to engage in fun and educational activities that promote physical, social, and emotional well-being. At Lake Forrest Prep, we encourage all our families to go outside and make the most of this beautiful weather! To learn more about how to join our community, visit our Prospective Parents page.