Motivating Your Child to Move More in the New Year

Motivating Your Child to Move More in the New Year

Getting active benefits people of all ages. Studies have shown that a healthy child should exercise 30-60 minutes every day to develop a strong body and healthy habits. Your child doesn’t have to play sports to live a healthy lifestyle. While joining sports and other extracurricular activities are great ways to get active, there are many other activities your child can participate in to incorporate more exercise into their routines. Here are a few. 

Get them a pet

Has your child been pleading with you to adopt a cat or dog? If your family has the means to afford the addition of a furry family member, playing with the family dog or cat every day is a great form of exercise. Walking the dog, playing fetch, and running through the house with a string to entice your cat to chase it are great ways to raise the resting heart rate while reducing stress levels. 

Find active video games

So many video games offer activity these days, from walking through realistic landscapes via screens or VR headsets to dancing to choreographed moves. Find video games that make being physically active fun. For some children, seeing physical activity as a game makes it more enticing. Once you find the right games, invite your child’s friends over for a dance-off or group activity that has them moving around the living room. 

Be active as a family

You are your child’s biggest influence. Take a walk or bike ride together, play soccer or baseball in the backyard, go swimming or skating, or simply play tag. You will benefit immensely from the activity and bonding with your family. A good dose of exercise delivers, and your child will build a solid foundation of memories of great family ventures outside while playing.

Enroll them in sports

Introduce your child to the sports world with little league baseball and continue all the way through traveling soccer teams. Some schools have fantastic after-school sports teams for all ages. They allow your child to enjoy team building, camaraderie, and exercise. Sports, whether it is affiliated with a school or just a neighborhood pickup game, encourages sharing, working together, and sportsmanship. Go, team!

Give active gifts

For your child’s next birthday, invest in a tennis racquet instead of a sedentary game. Giving a piece of sports equipment may unlock a hidden potential and increase the frequency of participating in that sport. Don’t have a tennis court or baseball diamond nearby? Opt for a skateboard or badminton set to encourage play at home. 

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