5 Reasons Why Children Should Go to Preschool

5 Reasons Why Children Should Go to Preschool

Your toddler seems ready for preschool. Are you ready to let him or her go? It may not seem that important, but preschool can build a solid academic and social foundation for young children. Studies have proven children who attend preschool programs are better prepared for kindergarten than their peers who do not. Learn about five of the main benefits of attending preschool.

Academic readiness 

Many preschools focus on the social and emotional aspects of school while teaching through games and art, music and dancing. As children learn to sort toys and keep beat with the music, they begin to develop math skills, paving the way to higher math reasoning. Learning simple songs that teach the alphabet strengthens language skills, which prepares preschoolers for the concept of reading. By the time they reach kindergarten, they have already built a foundation of emotional and educational skills. 

Preschool improves language skills

Students who speak more than one language benefit the most from social interaction in preschool. Speaking only English around other children strengthens their understanding of the language. The ability to speak and understand multiple languages supports stronger brain synapses; in turn, this helps understand concepts easier for these amazing children. In some cases, they learn more quickly than their single-language peers. 

Preschool helps with mental stability

For some, preschool is a refuge from stress and mental health issues that start at home. These issues affect learning by diminishing the solid foundation of brain functionality. The routine of preparing and going to school helps solidify a child’s learning ability through routine, and leaving an environment where stress is evident helps children develop coping strategies.

Builds a foundation for adulthood

Research suggests children who attend preschool are more liable to graduate, are less likely to be incarcerated, and are more prepared to learn. These are all signs that preschool helps children prepare for the road ahead of them. Life can be difficult, but structured education starting from an early age can make it easier, especially for children who struggle.

Preschool fosters lifelong learning

Many educators consider preschool a foundational year since it introduces children to an engaging environment where they happen to learn interesting facts. This nurturing environment invites curiosity as children learn with hands-on experiences and concepts. Preschool teachers gently introduce self-regulation to their small charges, and children learn to better control emotional outbursts.

Metacognition, or learning how to learn, is a major step for any learner. Preschool teachers begin this process of teaching not just what to learn, but how to learn. Along with metacognition, preschool introduces several other concepts. These include learning how to pay attention and develop friendships. The benefits of preschool are far-reaching. Help your child thrive at Lake Forrest Prep’s preschool program by giving us a call at 407-331-5144 or contacting us online.