Why All Parents Should Be Involved in the PTA

Why All Parents Should Be Involved in the PTA

Joining the PTA (Parent/Teacher Association) at your child’s school is one of the best ways to become involved as a parent. Some schools include all parents automatically, so there’s no barrier to signing up. At most schools, however, you have to make an effort to become an active member. Learn about the benefits of joining a PTA.

Speak up

If you have a question about anything occurring at your child’s school, including after-school programs, curriculum changes, sports teams, or school lunches, you can voice your opinion at a PTA meeting. Chances are, you are speaking for many since not all parents can attend these meetings. You can advocate for your child individually or for an organization to which your child belongs. The PTA also offers guidance on bringing your concerns to the local, state, and federal government through policy changes.

Join PTA’s programs

By joining the National PTA’s School of Excellence program, you can boost the school’s standing. Once an application is submitted, the Roadmap to Excellence is begun. Upon its completion, a final application is submitted to the National PTA to enroll your child’s school as a School of Excellence.

The National PTA also has dozens of resources for student advocates, which can be invaluable if your child wants to be more involved in causes that are important to them. They offer programs in student arts as well as grants for programs in literacy, bullying prevention, digital safety, STEM, and health and safety. 

Meet others

When you speak your mind at PTA meetings, chances are high that other parents and teachers will echo your concerns. Together, you and your group can create change. The connections you form can cement permanent friendships and business connections. 

You will also be more closely attuned to your child’s teachers as they speak on behalf of their needs and their students’ needs. You will learn firsthand the myriad activities occurring at your school and how the PTA can both help and benefit. By either speaking directly to the teachers or simply by hearing their concerns, you will learn more about your school and its goals.

Member benefits

PTA advocates enjoy member benefits on everything from eyewear to office supplies. These offers are good for parents as well as children. Other advantages include access to the PTA’s online publication, grants for support programs, recruitment ideas, newsletters, leadership training, and more.

Parental involvement in the PTA benefits you, your child, and your local school. Be part of the action and join Lake Forrest’s PTA. If you want your voice heard, step up to the PTA microphone on the second Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm in the George Anderson building.