5 Ways to Nurture a Budding Artist

5 Ways to Nurture a Budding Artist

Creativity and an arts education can be critical to the success of any child. Lake Forrest incorporates a variety of arts education for its students, from painting to creative writing to humanities. Most children show a love of drawing, painting or coloring — but many start to lose that passion as they get into middle school. While some children show a natural talent for art, all children need to experience art. These tips can help nurture your child’s inner artist. 

Visit museums

Art can change the world, but the cultural significance of art can be tricky for some kids to understand. Museums show children how to take an idea and bring it to life. This is the first building block for kids to grasp the “bigger picture” of fine art. Central Florida has a variety of museums to explore. If you’re willing to drive a little further, give the Dali Museum a try as well.

Ask your child “how does this piece of art make you feel?” After they answer, follow up with the fundamental question: “why?” Thinking about art can help your child develop critical thinking skills. It also allows them to understand the connection that form, shape, colors, and subject matter have on human emotions.

If you can’t visit museums in person, online options are now more interactive than ever. Many national and international museums have specific children’s sections to entice young artists to expand their horizons. You can even borrow books from the library about different types of art or specific artists to hone in on skills your child wishes to develop.

Keep supplies on hand

Seeing a wall mural might inspire your preschooler to take markers to the wall, which is probably not your intent. Be sure to talk about works of art as you see them, and ask if this would be a fun project. If so, buy a long roll of paper to tape to the wall at the level your child draws. Be sure markers are washable, then stand back to watch the fun begin. Your home should have a ready supply of pencils, paper, crayons, and scissors as well as typical household items to create colorful masterpieces with dimension.

Sign up for art classes

Look online at your local library or art studio for free or inexpensive art classes involving messy art projects you may not wish to tackle at home. Most art projects through the public library system are free with pre-registration. They can also help your child make friends as well as create art. As your budding artist develops friends who are also interested in arts, they’ll feel more committed to their growing passions.

Turn any trip into an art lesson

There’s art all around us, especially in nature! If you are at a park and tired of playing, collect leaves and form patterns. Create designs in the sandbox. Look for fun designs in the grocery store. Wherever you are, be sure to emphasize that art is all around you, waiting to be discovered. 

Lake Forrest Preparatory School takes pride in adding arts education for all its students. Let us know how we can help your child succeed in art and beyond by calling 407 331-5144.