Why a Challenging Curriculum Should be Encouraged, Not Feared

Why a Challenging Curriculum Should be Encouraged, Not Feared

One of Lake Forrest Prep’s biggest achievements is that we offer our students a challenging curriculum. However, for some parents, the words “challenging curriculum” doesn’t always bring a good connotation — especially if they themselves struggled in school. Our LFP teachers don’t teach advanced lessons to see our students suffer! Difficult classes often lead to a variety of benefits. Here are just some of the reasons why we love challenging our students: 

Hard lessons make students smarter. 

This seems like the most obvious benefit to learning tough curriculum, but we still think it’s worth talking about. Being academically challenged often leads to students being more advanced than their peers. They can then take this higher learning with them and be better prepared for high school! 

Challenging curriculums force students to become more inquisitive. 

Students are less likely to ask questions about things that are easy for them to understand. We believe there’s power in asking questions in class, and learning a hard concept forces students to ask for deeper explanations. They’ll ask “why” and “how,” two questions in academics that inspire critical thinking and better recollection of a topic. 

Tough curriculum leaves room for collaboration.

In addition to asking more questions of their teachers, students often ask their classmates for help when struggling with schoolwork. Students can swap ideas, test out theories, or hear a concept explained in a way that might make more sense.

Students grow as individuals. 

We love seeing students push themselves to become better in school. However, there’s nothing sweeter than a student who, after struggling with a concept, finally has the lightbulb go off when they get it. 

At Lake Forrest Preparatory, one of Orlando’s leading private schools, we know challenging school work is a priority for a lot of parents. We want to make sure our students are challenged to become better scholars and better people. Give us a call at 407-331-5144 or schedule a time to tour to learn more about our values.