Great Workbooks for Kids Who Love Learning

Great Workbooks for Kids Who Love Learning

Practicing key concepts, tables or figures doesn’t have to be a chore! It also doesn’t have to be restricted to a classroom setting. Workbooks — especially when used in a relaxing setting like the home — have been proven to boost comprehension and also improve other skills, such as reading comprehension and memory. 

Notice that your kid flies through homework or seems hungry for more questions? These workbooks can help your child excel in a variety of subjects: 

Workbook 1: Scholastic Success With…

This line is one of the most popular and affordable workbook lines on the market. The workbooks cover everything from grammar to multiplication. Scholastic also offers starter kits designed for pre-k and kindergarten students to get them acclimated to school. 

Workbook 2: Brain Quest

Brain Quest offers students a variety of fun, curriculum-based activities. These books are larger and typically aimed at a specific grade level. The illustrations throughout the workbooks are engaging. And if your student wants to learn on-the-go, Brain Quest offers smaller travel kits and Q&A cards.

Workbook 3: School Zone’s Big Kindergarten Workbook

If you have a younger child or want to help them if they struggle with the basics like the alphabet or numbers, School Zone’s Big workbook can improve their foundations. While School Zone offers content up to the 6th grade, their colorful illustrations and fun characters are perfect for younger learners. They even have learning packs that come with a carrying case!

Learning in and out of the classroom can be a fun experience for students. At Lake Forrest Prep, we always look for ways to promote engaging curriculum and independent learning. If you’re interested in how Lake Forrest Prep can serve your child, give us a call at 407-331-5144 or schedule a time to tour