Not-So-Scary Ideas for Halloween Fun

Not-So-Scary Ideas for Halloween Fun

Halloween is upon us! While trick or treating is the go-to Halloween event, you can always spread the fun throughout the week (or weeks) leading up to Halloween! Here are some not-so-scary ideas you can try throughout October to celebrate the season: 

Toilet Paper Mummy Game

This is a great budget-friendly game for kids of all ages! Have your family break into teams of at least two people each. One person is the “mummy” and the others have to roll a toilet paper roll around them as fast as possible. First one to finish off their whole roll wins! Bonus points to the team who manages to break their toilet paper the least amount of times. 

Pumpkin Patch Stomp

If your kids love to cause mischief, this game is perfect for them — and it doesn’t involve stomping real pumpkins! Grab a few packs of orange balloons, and blow them up to varying sizes. If you’ve got time, have your kids draw some fun jack-o-lantern faces on them. Then lay all the “pumpkins” out in the yard, grab a stopwatch, and see who can pop the most balloons before time is up. 

Animated Halloween Movie Marathon

Very, very few Halloween movies are kid friendly, but the ones that are out there are great fun! Pull together some classic kids’ “spooky” movies like Nightmare Before Christmas, Frankenweenie, Casper the Friendly Ghost, The Addams Family, and the Hotel Transylvania films. Grab some blankets, and enjoy a cozy night in!

Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats

What’s Halloween without some great snacks? These are fun twists on delicious rice krispie treats that your kids will love to shape and decorate. Make standard rice krispie treat mix with marshmallow cream and cereal, and add in orange food coloring. Roll them into balls, use some Tootsie Rolls or pretzels as stems and voila, you have a pumpkin! You can read the full recipe here

Whether you go all out for decorations or only like it for the candy, Halloween is a fun season where kids of all ages can express their creativity. At Lake Forrest Prep, we wish everyone a safe and happy fall season!