How Lake Forrest Prep Teaches Character in the Classroom

How Lake Forrest Prep Teaches Character in the Classroom

“Teaching character” might seem like an odd thing to have on a school’s curriculum, but at Lake Forrest Prep, teaching students how to be great citizens of the world is always worth a lesson. Here are some ways we teach students of all ages how to have a strong character: 

Lead by example

The first great teaching moment is through the actions of our incredible staff. Children don’t always know how to explain integrity and character, but they can certainly recognize it — and replicate it. That’s why we make sure our teachers and staff are more than great teachers; they’re great people. 

Point out people with great character in curriculum

History is filled with people who’ve inspired generations thanks to their integrity and character. Sure, we talk about the great actions that people like Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln and Eleanor Roosevelt took and how those actions affect us. However, we also go further and unpack why they did what they did, how they maintained their conviction despite naysayers, and how they persevered in doing the right thing rather than what was easy. 

Connect our real-world projects to character building

We give back at LFP. Whether it’s recycling projects or helping clean the school, our students look for ways to creatively serve the community. During those instances, we always look for ways to connect that service with having integrity — doing things for others that we might not ever get recognized for. 

A great character isn’t something that’s genetic. Children can develop quality character traits in school and at home. At Lake Forrest Prep, a leading private school in Central Florida, learning good character traits like collaboration, kindness, and a strong work ethic are all lessons we teach alongside our curriculum. To learn more about how we go beyond challenging curriculum to serve our students, schedule a tour with us.