All About Our Extracurriculars

All About Our Extracurriculars

After a tumultuous 2020, Lake Forrest Prep is proud to announce that our extracurricular activities are returning! We love how after school activities develop our student body, and we’re excited to add more as the year progresses. For now, here’s more information about the current offerings: 

Book Club

Is your child a bookworm? The LFP Book Club is the perfect place for them to dive into the pages of a great book and talk about their reading experience with other students. This club focuses on developing recalling events of the book and using critical thinking to unpack the themes and motifs of the reading. 

Dreadhead Track and Field

The Dreadhead Track and Field program is a great way to get your child involved in friendly competition. The ultimate goal of each season is to get kids to fall in love with running rather than focusing on winning. By showing how physical activity is fun, Dreadhead Track & Field hopes to instill healthy habits in children. 

Impact Dance

LFP is thrilled to offer a partnership with Impact Dance again! Impact Dance is the perfect after school activity for children who want to learn more about rhythm, discover the basics of dance, and expend some energy in the process. To learn more about the different dance courses, visit their website.

Theatre Club

“To join, or not to join, that is the question!” We might be adjusting Shakespeare here, but the LFP theatre club is a great opportunity for kids looking to develop confidence and public speaking skills. Getting children comfortable with being in front of strangers can have lasting positive impacts down the road. Plus, they get to tap into their creativity with each performance!


Lake Forrest Prep is excited to offer yoga classes to our students. Kids can discover the connection between the mind and the body, and strengthen those bodies by learning foundational yoga poses. Yoga also shows children a healthy way to be mindful of their thoughts and feelings. Practicing yoga provides a great way for children to harness and channel their energy. 

We’re excited to bring more extracurriculars back to Lake Forrest Prep, and we hope that these initial activities will offer a little something for all students! In the near future, we will be announcing even more after school activities. If you have any questions about a particular activity, give us a call at 407-331-5144.