Resetting the School Routine

Resetting the School Routine

After a challenging 2020, getting back to in-person lessons can feel jarring to some students. A lack of routine can lead to cranky kids, refusal to leave the house, and even a twinge of separation anxiety. At Lake Forrest Prep, we want to help children (and parents) have a smooth transition back to school. Here are some of our favorite ways to “reset” the back-to-school routine. 

Set out clothes the night before. 

The best preparation for the morning starts the night before! Encourage your kid to establish a good nighttime routine while also making their mornings easier. Have them lay out clothes for school the night before. Make sure they’ve packed their backpacks and placed them by the door. If your kid loves to bring their lunch to school, help them make their own sandwiches for a packed lunch. Prepping the night before ensures that mornings are smoother for everyone in the house. 

Decide on a wakeup time that gives you time. 

Ever notice that, despite waking your children up at the same time every day, you still feel rushed and exhausted? Don’t be afraid to set those alarms another 15 to 20 minutes earlier. This gives your child a chance to wake up while still being on time, and it gives you enough time to make sure that nothing is missed. 

Put a “double check” list by the door. 

In the rush of mornings, it’s easy for your kids to swear they’ve got everything — homework, backpack, socks, shoes. However, as soon as you pull out of the driveway, you hear “wait I forgot my —”. Putting lists by the door, whether they’re on Post-it notes or a white board, will help your kids do a once-over before rushing out for school. This also helps them get into the habit of running mental checklists as they get older. 

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