Gearing Up for Back to School

Gearing Up for Back to School

The new school year is almost here! The relaxing summertime fun can lead some kids to struggle with (or even resent) going back to school. Here are some tips on helping your child switch out of their summer mindset and gear up for going back to school. 

Start going to sleep earlier. 

During the summer, it’s much easier to justify staying up to watch another movie or two. After all, you can just sleep in a little bit more the next morning! As the summer comes to a close, start encouraging bedtime an hour earlier than what might’ve been normal during the break. It’s also better to start that habit before school actually starts. This way, your children will be accustomed to moving earlier whenever it’s time to head to class. 

Reduce screen time. 

It was great to spend the break catching up on shows and movies that we might’ve missed during busier schedules. However, returning to school means it’s time to prioritize your child’s sleep and mental health (and your own). Studies have shown that exposure to screens (whether they’re TVs, phones, or tablets) before bedtime interferes with sleeping patterns. 

Set habits charts. 

Daily chores might’ve been on pause during the summer; most families change routines to accommodate for the lack of school. With school picking back up, reinstate habits charts for your kids. Having a physical chart posted on their door or wall with everything they need to do in the morning (i.e. brush teeth, make bed) can help them form lasting habits.

Celebrate back to school shopping. 

There’s something exciting about fresh school supplies. However, it can get overwhelming for students and parents once they start shopping for new pencils, notebooks, and folders. Try to maintain a positive attitude about back to school shopping. If your child is older, have them take more responsibility and let them pick out their school supplies, or have them double check the lists to make sure everything is accounted for. 

Reframe how you talk about returning to school. 

Education is a privilege and a gift, but it’s hard for students to see that when they dread doing assigned readings or homework. If your kid complains about going back, remind them they’re going to learn a lot of cool information that will help them. If your child seems truly anxious about returning to school, ask them why and see if they can pinpoint what upsets them. Finding those triggers can clue parents in on how to help their child overcome the issue and have less anxiety about school. 

The Lake Forrest Prep family is ready to see our students return this August! We hope you all had a great summer break, and your teachers are ready to kick off another great year of school. If you have any questions about the upcoming school year, give us a call at 407-331-5144. If you know a student looking for an environment where they can grow academically and emotionally, fill out our inquiry form and schedule a tour with us!