Last Minute Summer Fun Ideas

Last Minute Summer Fun Ideas

Those summer days are dwindling away, and your kids might be rushing to get the rest of their summer bucket list done. But maybe your children have already knocked everything off! Here are some last-minute summer ideas fun for the whole family: 

A DIY Spa Day

Spa days for parents are great, sure, but your kids might also appreciate a relaxing day indoors! The best part is that a DIY spa day won’t need much more than what you already have in your home. Bring out your fluffiest towels (or your kids’ favorites), and fold them into thirds or roll them up like your favorite spa would. Put on relaxing music (we love this classical Disney music playlist), and have your favorite lotions available to do hand and foot massages. Spa days are also not just for girls! Boys can definitely benefit from a good cleaning and shaping of their fingernails and toenails. 

Draw the Family

For artistic kids, make an art day extra special by having your family sit for “portraiture.” Break out the paints, crayons or colored pencils and offer to be a live model for your young artist. To make it extra special, dress up to get your portrait drawn. This will also make your child feel more engaged with the activity, since they’ll see you playing along as well. 

Indoor Dance Party

There’s nothing like a great dance party to keep energetic kids entertained! Grab some festive decorations; you can even do something as simple as pulling out your Christmas lights. Making some easy grab-and-go snacks will keep the dancers energized on the floor, and a quick punch or lemonade will make the event feel really special. As for music? That’s up to you (and your kids’ preferences). Groups like Kidz Bop can take modern pop songs and make them clean and kid-friendly. You can also do a Disney movie dance party with plenty of playlists on Youtube!

Make Friendship Bracelets 

This one is great for kids who are already excited to return to school and see their best friends. Friendship bracelets can be as creative as your kids. Beaded bracelets are classics for children who love splashes of color. Older kids or kids more skilled with crafts might enjoy more complex bracelets like intricate braided patterns

Whether your kids want an extra day at the pool or just an extra idea or two to spark creativity, summer activities are a staple of their day-to-day lives when school isn’t in session.