How to Know if a Preparatory School is Right for Your Child

How to Know if a Preparatory School is Right for Your Child

We’ll be the first to acknowledge that preparatory schools aren’t for everyone. Typically, parents invest in private schools when their children are very young with the assumption that private schools will automatically benefit their kids. However, that’s rarely the case. Here are some signs that a prep school is right for your child: 

Your child needs more than a purely academic setting. 

Public schools have to maintain academic standards set forth by the state. The curriculum is closely tied to state testing, and it’s rare that teachers get much deviation from teaching what a student will eventually be tested on. Some children do better when they’re exposed to relevant, enriching subjects. Preparatory schools like Lake Forrest give students a well-rounded and accelerated curriculum. 

Your student does better in smaller classes or with more attention from teachers. 

By nature of private schools, class sizes are often smaller. This isn’t always the case, but private schools often give students a more personalized approach to learning. If your child benefits from one-on-one connections, consider the more intimate style of prep schools. 

Your kid thrives in personalized or unique learning environments. 

No matter how hard parents and teachers try, some kids just don’t do well in a classroom setting. Do prep schools have classrooms? Yes, of course. But are they more flexible in being able to teach outside the classroom? Also yes. At Lake Forrest, we love looking for unique ways to teach children in hands-on scenarios. For example, rather than talking to children at desks about Hispanic Heritage Month, we celebrated with a parade of flags and festivities. 

Your child wants to be more involved in helping people. 

Many private schools value emotional education just as highly as academic education. If your child loves helping others, they might love a prep school environment! Unlike most public schools, prep schools are able to transform a community service project into a learning experience. At Lake Forrest Prep, community involvement matters; we believe it’s key to helping children grow into responsible citizens. That’s why our character education is woven into the heart of our academics. 

Every child is different, and you want to invest wisely in their future. At Lake Forrest Prep, a leading Orlando preparatory school, we offer families no-obligation tours. Come visit our campus, ask questions, and discover possibilities of what a future at Lake Forrest Prep could look like for your child. Call 407-331-5144 to schedule your tour or fill out our inquiry form