4 Big Benefits of Summer Camp

4 Big Benefits of Summer Camp

Nothing says quite like “summer fun” to a kid like going off to summer camp. Whether they’re academic, athletic, or religious in nature, summer camps offer a great opportunity for kids to be around other kids, develop a sense of self, and taste a bit of independence they might not have when they’re home. If you’re a parent struggling with letting your kid go off for a week, here are a few reasons why you should consider sending your child to summer camp: 

Confidence in new skills

Summer camps exist to challenge kids interested in a particular field to get better at their craft. If your child heads off to a summer computer camp, expect them to come back more skilled at programming basics. Basketball players often spend a week at training camp to practice free throws, drills, and footwork. If there’s something your child loves doing, there’s likely a summer camp dedicated to teaching them how to do it better. 

Lifelong friendships

Most summer camps are designed to bring kids of all walks of life together under a common passion. Because of this basis in common interests, children sometimes find it easier to build deep relationships with other campers than with their classmates in school. If your child goes back year over year, they might also find those friends who they don’t often see during the school year. 

Developing independence

Sure, camp counsellors are around to help facilitate classrooms and general safety of your child. But for the most part, children experience an independence they’ve often never had before summer camp. This is largely because for many kids, summer camp is the first time they’ve been away from home longer than a single night. With that independence, children realize that they have to be self-sufficient and responsible for their own actions. 

Teamwork and leadership

Camp is a great opportunity for children to grow in leadership roles — even if it’s as temporary a role as leading a dodgeball game. Children also frequently work together on projects during camp, sometimes culminating in a massive project, scrimmage or closing event where they show off what they’ve learned. That goal can inspire kids to develop as a team in order to succeed. 

Summer is a great time to take a break from school, but it doesn’t mean your child has to stop learning! At Lake Forrest Prep, a leading private school in Orlando, we believe in the power of education year round. That’s why we also offer a unique summer camp opportunity to our students. For more information, give us a call at 407-331-5144. And for more resources, check out our blog for parents.