Tips for Making Sight Words Fun

Tips for Making Sight Words Fun

Learning to read is one of a child’s most important educational markers. A foundational piece of reading comprehension comes from developing a base of sight words. Sight words are words that young readers know by heart. They’re often high-frequency words, one or two syllables, and don’t need decoding skills. 

Teachers equip students with sight word sheets and packets, but talking about them at home can seem tedious for parents and sometimes boring for children. Here are a few ways to make learning sight words more fun for the whole family: 

Point sight words out in books. 

If your family enjoys bedtime stories, point out familiar sight words in a book you’re reading. Better yet, do “popcorn read” and have your child “pop” in whenever they see a word they recognize. Showing these words in context can help establish how basic words work alongside larger words. 

Play flashlight words.

Write sight words onto notecards and tape them around your child’s room. Turn off the lights, and use a flashlight to spot the words. Once your child reads the word on the card aloud, go on the hunt for another sight word. 

Race the clock. 

This is a perfect idea for students who are feeling confident in sight words and want a challenge. If you have a list of sight words, set a timer and see how many your child can read before the timer goes off. For an even harder challenge, read off the list of sight words and see how many your child can spell within a time limit. This can also help you track your child’s progress with reading and spelling skills. 

Re-visit them regularly. 

Sight words are some of the most important parts of reading comprehension. Why? Because they’re everywhere in day-to-day language. Revisiting sight words until your child is comfortable with them and using them often will make them better readers and communicators — setting them up for success. 

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