Biggest Differences Between Public and Private Schools

Biggest Differences Between Public and Private Schools

If you’re a parent in the Central Florida area weighing out education types for your child, you have a lot of options. There are a number of excellent public schools, private schools and specialty schools throughout the Orlando area. But what exactly differentiates a public school from a private one? Here are some of the biggest factors: 

Admissions process

It’s in the name: public schools are for everyone. This means that the demographics of public schools often reflect the community they’re in. Private schools, however, can be more selective due to having an admissions process. Contrary to the myths, private schools can have just as great an opportunity to be diverse in their student body as public schools. 

Where the funding comes from

On the whole, private schools cost more than public schools. This stems from public schools receiving their funding from local, state and federal governments. Residents within a community pay school taxes that directly affect its public schools. However, this funding can be affected by policy changes — whether they’re from tax reductions or state grant cuts. Private schools rely on student tuition, donations and grants for funding. Because of this, private schools are less likely to be impacted by cuts and have more consistent funding for students. 

Private vs public school teachers

Let’s be clear up front: one group is not better or worse than the other. Great teachers come from all backgrounds and work in a variety of schools. Public school teachers must get a certification from the state in order to teach. Those requirements vary greatly from state to state. Most counties or school districts also require public school teachers to undergo a set number of hours of professional development. Private schools, however, do not require their teachers to be state-certified. Teachers at private schools are typically experts within their field, and thus can offer students a unique perspective into a subject. 

Values-based learning

Whether they’re religious, non-denominational, or specialty-based, private schools are guided by a strong sense of values. Character education seeps into how teachers address and lead their classrooms. Each educator and student is held to a standard of behavior to be an active part of the school community. Public schools focus on core curriculum, but teachers aren’t required to uphold particular values. At Lake Forrest Prep, we believe that character integration into our curriculum gives every student the opportunity to reach their greatest potential. 

Private schools aren’t for everyone. Some children benefit more from public education than they would from private. We encourage all potential Lake Forrest Prep parents to schedule a tour with us to learn more about our goals and our admissions process. Looking for the latest Lake Forrest Prep information? Check out our blog.