Handling and Overcoming COVID Fatigue

Handling and Overcoming COVID Fatigue

Our Lake Forrest Preparatory School community is committed to keeping students and staff safe. However, we understand that having different schedules, different playtime rules, and adjusted classroom settings can be tiring for our students. Pandemic fatigue affects all ages, but children not used to coping with intense emotions can experience this more acutely than adults. 

Here are a few ways you can help your children stay safe and remain vigilant during a prolonged pandemic: 

It’s okay to not be okay — especially during a global pandemic.

Children, particularly younger children, won’t understand everything going on in the world. They’ll be upset they can’t play with everyone like they used to, hug grandparents, or visit their favorite stores without having a mask on their face. Rather than telling them to push these feelings down, help them acknowledge that the emotions they feel are relevant. 

Keep screen time to a minimum. 

When your family spends countless hours at home, it’s tempting to sit down and binge TV shows or movies together. However, kids can grow restless if this is the expected daily routine. Look for opportunities to step away from technology (ideally as a family), and engage with your kids in safe ways outside. Exposure to sunlight can boost the mood of the whole family, and getting in a brisk walk or bike ride after dinner can help improve attitudes and help your kids get out some of their energy. 

Remind them of the good they’re doing by staying safe. 

This tip can be tricky, especially if your child has a friend whose parents are a bit more lax in how they address the pandemic. Your children might be trying everything in their power to convince you to lighten up on COVID-19 restrictions. It’s hard for children to see the differences in what their friends can do and they can’t. However, this is an opportunity to inspire empathy in your own children. Their sacrifices are keeping other people safe — not just themselves. 

At Lake Forrest Prep, one of Orlando’s leading private schools, we encourage empathy through safe practices with our students. We also encourage our LFPS families to continue safety at home. This keeps our students and faculty can stay healthy and happy.