Why Your Child Should Attend a Private School

Why Your Child Should Attend a Private School

Private schools of all shapes and sizes have acquired misconceptions over the years. One of the biggest misconceptions is that private schools aren’t that much different from public schools, and thus, not worth the investment. However, at Lake Forrest Prep — a leading private school in Orlando — we know there are huge benefits to a private school education. Here are a few reasons why your family should keep preparatory schools like Lake Forrest in consideration: 

Smaller class sizes lead to more focused education

In a public school setting, there can be upwards of 30 children assigned to one teacher. This can lead to distractions, confusion, and poor access to an instructor if your child needs one-on-one assistance. Private schools offer smaller class sizes, and thus a more personalized solution to your child’s education.

Student safety takes top priority

From cyberbullying to in-school safety, your child’s wellbeing takes top priority. Recent studies indicate that private schools are more than twice as safe as public schools. This higher safety can be attributed to a variety of factors, including our lower student-teacher ratio. Thus, it’s easier for our staff to keep an eye on your students and supervise them. 

Clear value system in addition to private school education

Private schools understand that preparing students for their futures means more than making sure they’re ‘book smart’. Successful students are well-rounded and emotionally intelligent, grounded with clear values that will serve them for the rest of their lives. At Lake Forrest Prep, for example, we value character education in addition to our curriculum. We teach responsibility, fairness, citizenship, caring, trustworthiness and respect. We also instill the importance of valuing the environment by emphasizing on-campus recycling and community service projects. 

A private school education can be an exceptional and formative experience for your child. If you have more questions, we invite you to discover why Lake Forrest Prep is one of the leading  private schools in Orlando by visiting our website or giving us a call. For more resources about education, parenting, and educational success, check out our blog.