Winter Activities for the Whole Family

Winter Activities for the Whole Family

Winter is here, and while that doesn’t necessarily mean snow in Central Florida, there’s still plenty of opportunity to enjoy winter wonderland activities with your family. Here are some of our favorite ideas for winter fun with your child: 

Coffee filter snowflakes

This is a classic craft that you probably did when you were young! Grab extra coffee filters (or use printer paper), fold them into quarters, and have your child cut along the edges of the folds to create their own snowflakes. When you’re done, take some thin string, and hang up their work to create your own indoor winter wonderland! 

Playdough snowmen

Central Florida stays too warm for snow, but that doesn’t mean your kids can’t make their own snowmen. All you need is white playdough, orange pipe cleaners for the carrot/twig accessories, and colored plastic gems or buttons for decorating. 

Sugar cube igloo or ice castle

These igloos are a sweet treat your kids can use to explore their creativity. All you’ll need is a box of sugar cubes, white glue, cardboard and white paint. Paint the cardboard white for a snowy base. Use glue to trace out the base of what the igloo will look like, and add sugar cubes to the bottom. Add another layer of glue to each layer, keeping everything connected and building up and in. Let it dry overnight, and in the morning, your kids will have their very own ‘igloo’. 

Cozy movie night in

Pillow forts will go a long way in keeping the whole family entertained! Tell your kids to bundle up in their warmest Christmas pajamas, grab extra blankets and sheets, and string up a simple blanket “igloo” between couches or from the ceiling. Add an extra dash of winter magic by stringing twinkle lights around your TV, and put on a wintry movie like Frozen, Elf, or a classic like Home Alone.