Keeping Up Your Child’s Extracurricular Passions During COVID-19

Keeping Up Your Child’s Extracurricular Passions During COVID-19

Due to safety concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Lake Forrest Preparatory has suspended its extracurricular activities until further notice. This can be a tough time for students who enjoyed those after school events. While we look forward to the day when we can reinstate extracurriculars, here are some ways to foster those passions at home.

For Sports

Schools around the country have suspended or outright cancelled entire athletic seasons for safety. This can be devastating to students who were looking forward to showing off their skills. 

  • Work on the fundamentals: Encourage your child to go back to the basics. Sure, the backyard isn’t a substitute for a full soccer field, but getting your child outside to work on drills and footwork can keep them fresh for a return. 
  • Strengthen the weak points: Take this opportunity to help your kid strengthen their weakest points. Maybe your child doesn’t have a lot of flexibility, and that’s hindering their performance on the field. Add yoga into morning routines to help with their mobility. 

For Academics

Academic extracurriculars like robotics or quiz bowl extend the love of learning beyond the classroom. That doesn’t stop just because our clubs aren’t meeting. 

  • Look for online clubs: With your supervision, your kids can look for online trivia teams with other students their own age. This will help keep them engaged and mentally stimulated until we can resume clubs again. 
  • Take a closer look at everyday tools: For children who enjoy robotics and building, consider making your own Rube Goldberg machine using household items. 

For the Arts

Band, chorus and other performing arts activities might not hit the stage this year, but “the show must go on!”

  • Embrace private concerts: If your child thrived on stage, turn your living room into a concert hall. You might not have the technical ear for evaluating their performance, but getting them used to practicing in front of an audience (no matter how small) will help build their confidence.
  • Experiment with new mediums: If your child loves painting and art classes, consider buying a few canvases and participating in a family painting session! You can also try out more hands-on forms of art like sculpting or paper mache. 

Our instructors miss seeing your children for their after school activities, and we appreciate your understanding and patience during these trying times. At Lake Forrest Prep, a leading private school in Orlando, we want to keep students passionate about learning — in the classroom, online and at home. For more ideas, check out our blog