Tips for Working from Home with Your Kids

Tips for Working from Home with Your Kids

For millions of families around the world, day-to-day work/life schedules got overhauled when COVID-19 hit communities. Remote work has replaced the office commute, and virtual education has replaced classroom learning for many students. It’s become harder for a lot of parents to juggle their workload with full-time parenting duties. These tips can help everyone manage their time and maintain good spirits. 

Scheduling that works for your family. 

Not all families operate the same. While structure is important to getting things done around the house, keeping a rigid structure might not work for your family. Experiment with having your kids on a schedule similar to what they experience at school. This might free you up to create a work structure that lets you check on the kids while also getting work done. 

Set clear boundaries. 

Drawing a line and sticking to it can help support whatever structure and schedule your family uses. Clear boundaries like shut doors or putting a sign up when you’re on a call can help alert your child that you’ve got important things to do, too. Whatever boundaries you create, ensure they’re effective and will give your child a chance to reflect whether or not they really, really need to talk to you. 

Redefine “success.” 

Your productivity can be more than knocking out a to-do list in your eight hour workday. “Successful” days will fluctuate sometimes. Maybe your child gets sick or you have a family emergency come up. Working from home sometimes means you knock out pieces of your projects rather than one in-full. Congratulate yourself  — and your kids — for doing the best you can!

Wake up a bit earlier. 

The early bird gets the worm, and the early parent can enjoy doing tasks without their children around. Complete the hardest work of the day that will require the most brain power first thing in the morning, ideally before your kids wake up. Save emails, light reading, or shorter tasks for when you have to factor in potential interruptions from your children. 

At Lake Forrest Prep, a private school in Orlando, we understand that COVID-19 put families in a unique situation, both with their children’s education and with their own professional lives. We want to be a resource for you, whether students are back in classrooms or working from the kitchen table. For more resources, check out our blog.